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Radonda Hydration Haven - Black

Radonda Hydration Haven - Black

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Elevate your hydration game with a simple twist – introducing our Custom Infuser Water Bottle. Unlock a world of flavor and personality by infusing your water with the essence of your choice. Just twist the base to reveal the infuser chamber, where you can add fruits, tea leaves, or any ingredient that tantalizes your taste buds.

Designed for seamless sipping, the twist-on lid boasts a flip-top drinking sprout that ensures each sip is pure refreshment. Whether you're at home, exploring the outdoors, or hitting the gym, this versatile infuser doubles as a sports bottle, making it your ultimate companion for every adventure.

- Built-in straw for effortless sipping
- Removable Infuser chamber for customisable flavour infusion

Experience hydration like never before with our Custom Infuser Water Bottle – where every sip becomes a journey of delightful discovery.
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